KidSurf Software

The safe, easy-to-use, kid-friendly way to use the Internet!


Keeping Children Safe on the Internet, One Download at a Time

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Runs on all MS-Windows Operating Systems

KidSurf is a fun, easy-to-use internet browser software designed especially for kids 3 to 8 years old.  Created by a concerned parent, KidSurf is a great new way to keep your kids safe while on the internet. 

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      - KidSurf's Highlights

  • Your Kids are safer because they can only get to the sites you allow.
  • Stress free setup for parents because KidSurf has dozens of popular sites to select from. These include ToonTown, Nick Jr., Disney, Neopets, WebKinz and many more. Also you can easily add your own favorites.Toon Town
  • Your kids won't get stuck or lost. Confusing IE options and buttons are not available.
  • Your computer and files are protected. Optional password protection of your desktop and parent setup screen.
  • A usage timer that you can set to limit your child's online time.
  • Everybody's happy! Each child in the house gets their own start menu with their own favorite sites.


After downloading KidSurf, your child will ONLY have access to programs YOU CHOOSE -- pop-up menus and unwanted links are blocked, helping to keep your kids safe from unwanted internet content!  And, all of the confusing Internet Explorer options are hidden from view, ensuring that your children won?t accidentally click on links that are not meant for them!

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We recommend to our health practitioners as children's safety, both physically and on the computer, are things we care about. --- Advanced Cardiac Life Support